Criteria & project submission

SCOPE Pictures assists with the funding of all types of audiovisual work: full-length feature films, documentaries, series, animation projects, virtual reality.

Criteria for selecting projects

SCOPE Pictures is actively seeking Belgian and international projects of all types aimed at the general public and requiring a minimum budget of 2 million euros.

The project does not have to be recognised as an official Belgian coproduction under a coproduction agreement. However, it must be recognised by the Belgian authorities as a “European work”, in line with the criteria set out by the “Television Without Frontiers” directive issued by the European Commission on 3rd October 1989.

   Selection criteria

SCOPE will consider projects with the following elements:

  • A distribution contract for which the main funding comes from the country of origin of the distributors.
  • A contract with an internationally recognised commercial agent.
  • Confirmed finance for a minimum of 70% of the film’s budget.