More than 200 films coproduced and financed via the Tax Shelter. Proven experience in obtaining European, national and regional funding.


In 2003, we were the first, through our sister company, SCOPE Invest, to develop finance structures based on the Belgian Tax Shelter mechanism. Since then, we have become one of the market leaders for funding offering tax benefits with:

  • More than 200 films financed and coproduced.
  • Over 300 million euros invested in film-making.
  • More than 400 weeks of filming.
  • Rave reviews, nominations on the mainstream lists of major festivals, box-office success.
  • Broad-based experience in TV series, feature films and documentaries.

SCOPE Pictures benefits from sophisticated expertise regarding guidance for foreign producers, financing arrangements and combinations of different types of public and private funding available in Belgium.

SCOPE Pictures is able to draw on proven experience in obtaining European, national and regional funding: some 35 films selected by Wallimage/Screen.Brussels and over 20 by Eurimages since 2008.

SCOPE Pictures coproduces approximately 30 projects each year, the majority of which are well received by film critics and have achieved success at the box-office.