The Pact

Karen Blixen is a world famous Danish star and one of the greatest personalities of our time. She lives alone in Rungstedlund after a failed (love) adventure in Kenya. Thorkild Bjørnvig is an ambitious and sensitive 30-year-old beginner, newlywed with a small child. When the two meet, Blixen sees both talent and a remnant of her deceased lover Denys Finch Hatton - Bjørnvig sees genius, opportunity and a guiding star. The outcome of their meeting becomes a fateful pact, where Bjørnvig must obey Blixen, in exchange for his willingness to fulfill the potential within him - but it quickly becomes clear that Blixen doesn't believe that potential can be fully realized with the charge of a woman and a child. Driven by desire, lust, submissiveness and ambition, a series of patterns with fatal consequences begin, not only for themselves, but for their entire circle of acquaintances.



  • Feature film
  • Drama
  • Bille August
  • Birthe Neumann,
  • Asta August

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 220.500€

Line production