Marnie's World

Marnie is a plump little pussy who believes she is an enchanted child. She lives a pleasant life in the Sonnenschein family, where she is treated like the child Rosalinde never had. She lives like a princess and even has her own room. All of which exasperates Paul, who hates his wife's fiery little cat. Because doesn't have any friends, Marnie spends most of her time watching television and when she gets fed up with doing that, She drives Paul to distraction. One day, Paul decides that enough is enough and he abandons Marnie at a petrol station out in the countryside. Marnie refuses to believe what has happened. She thinks that Paul has simply forgotten her and sets about finding her way back home as quickly as possible. Bewildered and lost, she makes her way blindly along the country road. She discovers an extraordinary world outside her sheltered existence - and very different to what she has seen on the television.



  • Animation
  • Family
  • Christoph et Wolfgang Lauenstein

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 4.250.000€

Line production