Laila is a young computer specialist who has just graduated and is unable to find a job in her own country of Morocco. Along with other young people, she plays an active part in demonstrations to shout out about their desire for freedom and autonomy. But Laila gets caught several times by the police and her family has to pay a high price to get her released.To pay her family back, Laila is forced to accept a contract as a seasonal worker in Europe. She lands up in Belgium, working on André's farm, which grows strawberries. Laila soon becomes disenchanted and uncovers the extremely unfair system that governs the contracts of seasonal workers. She meets Sofiane, the foreman on the farm, for whom she forms an attachment, and Julie who despite her status seeks to defend the right to dignity for everyone and acceptable pay and working conditions.Gradually, her feelings of revolt will infect those around her and André's little farming operation will be turned on its head.



  • Feature film
  • Drama
  • Jawad Rhalib
  • Sofia Manousha,
  • Benjamin Ramon,
  • Hande Kodja

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 858.000€

Line production