Eve and Damien have been a very loving couple for a long time. They lead a beautiful and fulfilled life on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Until the day everything changes. Eve is the victim of a road accident. While her physical injuries heal quickly, her psychological trauma persists, removing her ability to speak. No treatment has any effect and Eve finds herself a prisoner of her inability to speak. The couple runs out of steam, because for the first time, Damien is unable to understand Eve. Unable to put up with her silence, he drifts away to the extent of finding comfort in the arms of another. Eve will not put up with the status quo. She wants to fight, to prove to Damien that she can change and become the way she was before. Eve is prepared to do anything to rescue their love... But how far will she go?



  • Feature film
  • Romance
  • Olivier Masset-Depasse
  • Anne Coessens,
  • Segamore Stévenin,
  • Micheline Goethals

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 443.000€

Line production