La minute belge

La Minute Belge is an out-and-out animated series about all things Belgian. It's funny, inventive, dynamic and instructive. Each humorous episode tells us about the meaning of a typically Belgian word or expression in a slightly belligerent yet colourful way, giving us the dictionary definition and origins of the word while placing it in a situation everyone can understand. A charismatic voiceover tells the story and gives the explanations, featuring a rich Belgian accent, along the lines of Claude Piéplu (Les Shadocks), but in a Belgian version. The images that illustrate what the voiceover is saying take the form of a 2D animation in motion graphic design featuring a strong identity, both graphically and visually, as well as in terms of the dynamic projected. The overall tone is funny and quirky and the aim of La Minute Belge is simply to allow viewers to discover or rediscover typical Belgian words or phrases on a humorous and colourful tone.



  • Animation
  • Humour
  • Fabrice Armand
  • Voix off : Thierry de Coster

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 122.000€

Line production