In the heat of the summer, amid a woolly atmosphere, Vincent, a special forces soldier back from Afghanistan, worn down by fighting and in a borderline state of mind, is ruled to be a doubtful case by the medics and cannot return to active duty.The same evening, stunned by this news, Vincent, who does little private jobs on the side with other soldiers, finds himself responsible for security at the luxury villa of a Lebanese businessman, Imad Whalid. A reception is going on there in support of Duroy, a candidate for the presidential election. Under stress, despite the troubles of perception and the migraines he is suffering from, Vincent comes to understand that there is also a murky story going on behind the scenes...The next day, Imad has to leave suddenly for Geneva and so he asks Vincent to take care of his family for 48 hours. Vincent accepts and finds himself immersed in the intimate company of his wife, Jessie, an attractive American and her child. Gradually, anxiety takes root in the house and quiet of the garden. Suffering from symptoms of confusion, Vincent appears increasingly to be besieged by paranoia. Unless he is right, of course, and the threat he is feeling actually is real...



  • Feature film
  • Thriller
  • Alice Winocour
  • Diane Kruger,
  • Matthias Schoenaerts

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 663.000€

Line production