Les innocentes

Poland, August 1945. Concealed behind its apparent tranquillity, a convent on the outskirts of Warsaw hides a dark secret. Most of the nuns are pregnant. Eight months previously, the Red Army had spared none of them.Marja, a novice who is not expecting a child, sets herself the task of helping the other nuns and making their existence more bearable. But, faced with the immensity of the task and the pressure of the forthcoming births, Marja breaks her vow of silence and goes looking for assistance at the French hospital. She brings back the young doctor, Mathilde Beaulieu, and succeeds in getting a job in the infirmary.Marja assists Mathilde, who injects a breath of modernity and femininity into the convent. Her presence upsets the fragile balance of the place - for the better, but also for the worse...



  • Feature film
  • Drama
  • Anne Fontaine
  • Lou De Laâge,
  • Vincent Macaigne,
  • Agata Buzek

The involvement of scope


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