The childhood of a leader

In 1918, an American family sets up home in France, on the outskirts of Paris.The father, Robert Lansing, works in the State Department of President Wilson and is very busy with his job, spending little time with his family. He works hard on the negotiations that will lead to a peace agreement. At home, his very pious wife and young 7-year-old son wait for him. The boy is precocious and a challenge. The political circumstances of the time lead to the inexorable rise of fascism in Europe, which is the background to the story of this little boy, divided between his beliefs and the political upsets going on around him. His schemes, insignificant at the outset, become increasingly violent and are the sign of a political commitment of protest. This makes us the witnesses to the birth of an egocentric personality endowed with an unusual degree of self-love and egotism. This story draws freely on the childhoods of a good many dictators who left their mark on the 20th century.



  • Feature film
  • History
  • Brady Corbet
  • Bérénice Bejo,
  • Robert Pattinson,
  • Liam Cunningham

The involvement of scope


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