After screenings at the Sundance and Deauville festivals, "The Pod Generation" is coming to French theaters.

In cinemas on October 25th.

 In the near future, where artificial intelligence dominates and nature is a distant memory, Pegazus, a giant technology company, offers couples the opportunity to share their pregnancy using detachable artificial wombs or pods. In a tech-obsessed society, Rachel, played by Emilia Clarke, and Alvy, portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, decide to take their relationship to the next level by embarking on the journey of conceiving their child. Rachel works for Pegazus, giving them a fast track to using this technology, but Alvy, a devoted botanist, has doubts. Nevertheless, his love for Rachel leads him to embrace this decision, setting off on a rollercoaster adventure into the world of parenthood, with all its challenges and resistance. Sophie Barthes aims to create a satire of a society that overestimates technology's ability to solve all problems. The film explores various issues, including the race towards high technology, the lack of regulation of tech giants, motherhood, and consumerism. Following her first film, "Cold Souls," where New Yorkers could extract and store their souls, she continues to delve into the commercialization of the unimaginable, this time focusing on uterine technology rather than souls.