AMAL captivates the audience at Œillades.

Jawad Rhalib's latest film distinguished itself on Sunday, November 26, by winning the Audience Award at the 27th edition of Œillades, the Francophone Film Festival. Screened in Albi, AMAL was honored with the Public Prize.

Renowned for his socially committed documentaries such as "La Révolution Rose" and "Au temps où les arabes dansaient," Jawad Rhalib makes a remarkable return to the world of fiction.

While his film aims to contribute to the fight against obscurantism, the filmmaker emphasizes education as a powerful weapon against religious extremism. Through the impassioned performance of Lubna Azabal, Amal forcefully denounces the shortcomings of an impotent educational system in the face of the conformism that plagues our societies. The Belgian-Moroccan filmmaker also provides insight into the solitude, anxieties, and hopes of the youth—these future adults unfortunately left to their own devices. "Amal" thus reveals itself as a call to action and reflection on the crucial challenges of our educational system.