Cécile de France, Diane Rouxel, and Salomé Dewaels starring in "Une fille sans histoire"


The shooting of Nicolas Keitel's first feature film, "A Girl Without a Story," has just wrapped up in Brussels. The director, already noted for his short film "The Good Buddy," has embarked on a new project with a star-studded cast including Cécile de France, the Belgian favorite of the French audience, Diane Rouxel, known for her nomination for the 2016 César Award for Most Promising Actress for "Standing Tall," and Salomé Dewaels, nominated for the 2022 César Awards in the same category for the film "Lost Illusions."

The story follows the fate of Marion, who finds herself immersed in a life of lies after fleeing her family 15 years earlier. When she reunites with her younger sister, the latter does not recognize her. Marion then decides to present herself under the name Louise.