The filming of a third season of HIPPOCRATE has just started

For the occasion, most of the leading actors will return to our screens: Louise Bourgoin, Bouli Lanners, Alice Belaïdi, Karim Leklou, Zacharie Chasseriaud and Géraldine Nakkache

After his 2014 feature film of the same title, which received seven César nominations, Thomas Lilti undertook the ambitious project of a series and we are delighted that a new season is coming out!

Launched in 2018, Hippocrate follows the daily lives of doctors at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital. Its characters juggle their passion for their profession with the lack of resources at the public hospital.

 It’s summer. By decision of the health authorities, many hospital services have been closed and those that remain are overloaded. A strike by SOS Doctors aggravates the situation, leaving a whole population without access to care. Patients are pouring in and tensions are palpable. At the Poincaré hospital, the nurses quickly realised that the instructions were untenable and some decided to disobey.