The Heysel drama, new documentary series in 6 episodes

SCOPE and RTL revive the 1985 Heysel drama in 6 episodes broadcast from October 18.

The wealth of testimonials

The drama of Heysel claimed the lives of 39 people on a cursed evening in May 1985, during a football match between Juventus of Turin and Liverpool in the final of the European Cup of Champions Clubs.

This dramatic and historical news item for Belgium is the subject of a documentary series in 6 episodes of 52 minutes, broadcast on television on RTL TVI from this Tuesday, October 18, at the rate of 2 episodes per evening.

The next broadcast dates are set for Tuesday, October 25 and Sunday, October 30 for the continuation of the series.

The series on the Heysel tragedy is distinguished by the richness of the testimonies collected, particularly in England and Italy in the families directly affected by the tragedy. The point of view is intended to be exhaustive, in order to fully understand how this tragedy, predictable for some, became reality.


A first SCOPE and RTL co-production

This is the first milestone set by RTL Belgium in its new co-production dynamic. It calls for others, and certainly with SCOPE which is at the origin of this project, produced by the duo Jan Verheyen/Jean-Philippe Leclaire.