Jawad Rhalib presented "Amal," in a world premiere at the Ghent Film Festival.

The film secured the 4th place for the Audience Award.

The Belgian-Moroccan filmmaker, known for his commitment to contemporary issues, blends fiction and documentary this time. After exploring the love of Arab culture and art in "When Arabs Danced," he tackles the issue of freedom of expression through the portrait of a literature professor in Brussels who sparks controversy by teaching the liberated texts of the Arab poet Aboû Nouwâs, shocking some students, parents, and colleagues. His film "Amal" will compete in the upcoming Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn. In the lead role, specifically written for her, Lubna Azabal delivers an extremely convincing performance, embodying her character with rare intensity. The actors, whether they are young talents or established, authentically portray the often challenging journeys of their characters alongside her. Jawad Rhalib takes a bold approach, using unequivocal narrative elements to address certain issues, including the tendency to avoid engagement "for precaution" in the face of extremism, even within educational institutions.