We are pleased to announce the NATACHA project, coming soon to the screen.


At the helm of this project is director Noémie Saglio, known for the Netflix series Plan Cœur. Natacha is a Franco-Belgian comic book series created by François Walthéry, serialized in the Spirou magazine in the 1970s. Blonde and ingenuous, with large doe eyes and a dreamlike silhouette, she embodies the fantasy of the flight attendant. Although not misogynistic, the Natacha series presents a strong, free, and humorous character, ahead of her time and inadvertently thrust into numerous adventures beyond her understanding. "With the talented Noémie Saglio and Laurent Turner, we aim to create a funny and modern film that will appeal to both women and men. Natacha will be a mix of "Miss Maisel" with a touch of "Legally Blonde". In this post-#metoo era, we are convinced that the audience is expecting a great female comedic figure."