A warm reception in Palm Springs for AMAL.

Jawad's New Feature, a Universal Film

The Palm Springs International Film Festival (sometimes stylized as PSIFF) is a major cinematic event held in Palm Springs, California. Initiated by Mayor Sonny Bono and sponsored by Nortel, the festival debuted in 1989 and takes place annually in January.

While the festival showcases independent American films, its initial aim was to spotlight international cinema. Over the years, the event has evolved into a renowned platform for filmmakers worldwide.

The film has found its place in the United States due to its resonance with American reality, marked by similar dynamics involving Trump supporters, the far right, and religious groups. This issue has become an international subject. 'The core remains the same; how can the actions of a teacher be erased even before addressing a topic, all to avoid offending the sensibilities of our children...'