Simone, le voyage du siècle

Biopic on Simone Veil by the director of "La môme".

“You too will study. You'll be independent, you hear? Women must be independent and work… Like Louise Weiss. Her deeply secular upbringing and her mother's unconditional love for her, who passed on feminist values ​​to her very early on, helped to forge Simone's character. Although the concentration camps and France's indifference to the suffering of the deportees left Simone with a wound that would never heal, her stubbornness remained. Supported by Antoine, her husband and driven by a visceral need for justice, Simone Veil works to restore the right to dignity in all areas where she intervenes. Taxed as capricious and insolent, she never backed down from the unprecedented machismo she faced throughout her judicial and political career. In 1979, she was elected President of the European Parliament. Encouraged by Antoine, she writes the memory of her life, including that in the camps, which deprived her of her mother, to whom she dedicates her commitment: “All my fights are her. For her. By her hand. »



  • Feature film
  • Biopic
  • Olivier Dahan
  • Elsa Zylberstein,
  • Rebecca Marder,
  • Elodie Bouchez

The involvement of scope


  • Movie budget: 15.043.377€
  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 287.511€

Line production

  • Executive producer: Marvelous Productions