Peter von Kant directed by François Ozon nominated for the César 2023

Actor Denis Ménochet has been nominated for Best Actor at the 2023 Césars while Stefan Crepon has been acclaimed for Best New Male Actor, both of whom appeared in Peter von Kant

Denis Ménochet, already stunning in Dominik Moll's Seules les bêtes, François Ozon's Grâce à Dieu and Xavier Legrand's Jusqu'à la garde, the actor shines in Peter von Kant, playing a lonely and tyrannical filmmaker inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. He emotes throughout the film, trapped in the spiral of his success and his many impulses, in which the suicidal perspective is never far away.

As for Stefan Crepon, he is undoubtedly the one who remains etched in the viewer's memory with his almost silent performance. Only 26 years old, he was noticed in the series "Le Bureau des Légendes" or "Lupin". In Peter von Kant, he plays Karl, a martyred assistant who finds satisfaction in sado-maso relationships, domination and submission. However, in the film, he is incredibly expressive. Not a word is spoken and yet, on his face, one can read a range of feelings.